Super Health Tip

Our health has changed dramatically In 100 years. We’ve regressed from a nation of almost no diseases to pandemic diseases of every kind. Our diet was almost completely plant-based. Now its heavily animal-based.

The reason for this is that over these decades our diet has increasingly been determined by the meat, dairy, processed, and fast food mega corporations using the persuasive power of mass advertising. Congress and government agencies have gladly greased the skids as well in exchange for their campaign gifts.

We’ve been carefully taught to eat meat, and eat and drink dairy products at almost every meal. And the sickening fatty and greasy diet we have all been programmed to love, has spawned the worst disease nightmare in history of mankind. But it is all about to change. A revolution is coming – at the 12th hour.

The medical and pharmaceutical industries have utterly failed to slow the flood of diseases. No cures of any kind have been provided, just an endless parade of barbaric and devastatingly expensive band-aids (stop-gap surgeries, prescription drugs, and chemotherapy) that only extend and prolong the agony.

With this as a backdrop, In the 1980s the most advanced and comprehensive nutritional study in history was conducted all across China led by an elite U.S.research team from Cornell University. The findings of this landmark research have been available for 20 years, and the information was reintroduced again in 2006 in The China Study, a book documenting and detailing the study and it’s dramatic conclusions.

The China Study confirms overwhelmingly what earlier researchers have been suggesting for 100 years but that the medical community didn’t want to hear. The facts are now indisputable – eating too much meat and dairy products are the cause of degenerative diseases, the common ones, like heart disease, high blood pressure, cancers, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, asthma, and over 100 less common degenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s.

You may wonder why you haven’t heard of this research before. I have wondered also. I just heard about the China Study 6 months ago, and I have been actively researching and reading in the field of health and nutrition for the past 30 years. Something doesn’t jibe. Why has this information been hidden in the closet for so long? Why hasn’t it been discussed and broadcast within the medical community and the mainstream media? Even today it still isn’t spoken of in the news. There are many reasons and they are not pretty.

Today 50 to 100 million Americans are stricken by this growing epidemic of disease. Families are being decimated, the pain and sorrow is monstrous, and the cost to treat these diseases is breaking the back of our health care system.

The Good News is that we now know how to reverse and prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and hundreds of other diseases. All we have to do is be willing to make changes in our diet so our bodies can rebuild our immune systems and overcome them.

Imagine a world without disease for our families, for all families.